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Kenneth Elliott & Rowe: Probate Law Specialists

Situated in the London Borough of Havering’s borough, Romford has a rich history but it a contemporary town. Kenneth Elliott & Rowe Solicitors has been part of the legal landscape here for many yeas and has been a constant for those seeking expert legal guidance, particularly in the probate law. But what exactly does this entail, and why might you turn to them for assistance?

Understanding Probate

What is Probate? Probate encompasses the legal process after a person’s death, which incorporates:

  • Authenticating the deceased’s will.
  • Approving the appointment of  the executors or personal representatives.
  • Cataloguing the deceased individual’s assets.
  • Settling debts and taxes.
  • Allocating the gifts and residual property in line with the will or, in its absence, according to law.

Why Kenneth Elliott & Rowe Stand Out in Probate Services

Personalised Services: The solicitors at Kenneth Elliott & Rowe emphasize a client-centric approach, not just legal proficiency but also a compassionate touch.

Broad Expertise: With specialist lawyers, Kenneth Elliott & Rowe is adept at handling varied cases, from simple wills to intricate estate divisions that span properties, businesses, and more.


When to seek our assistance?

We can assist with:

Complex Estates: For estates encompassing multiple assets, outstanding debts, or diverse business holdings, their specialists streamline the probate process.

High Value Estates: For estates with a higher value there are more complex tax filings and tax to pay.

Will Disputes: In instances where the validity of a will is under scrutiny or family disagreements emerge, their solicitors offer both mediation and guidance.

Absence of a Will: When an individual passes away without a will, Kenneth Elliott & Rowe’s expertise ensures that the estate’s distribution aligns with the law.

Tax Issues: For estates that have inheritance tax implications we can advise on the breakdown of the tax and whether there are any mitigation possibilities.

Simple Estates: we can assist to ensure that the executors get it right even in the seemingly most simple estates. We can offer in such circumstances fixed cost options for the work.

Engaging with Kenneth Elliott & Rowe

For further help and assistance call David Farr or David Gregory on 01708 757575 or email david.gregory@ker.co.uk for further details and to book an initial consultation.


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