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Looking for a solicitor to guide you through the probate process? If you have been named as an Executor under a will the process may seem daunting. If there is no will the process can be even more complicated.

We can assist you in dealing with the process. The level of our involvement can vary depending on how much help you need.

We are expert probate lawyers based in Romford Essex.

What is the cost for obtaining Probate?

As specialist probate solicitors based in Essex we can help from £450 plus VAT fixed costs for obtaining a Grant of Probate for smaller estates.

For larger estates, unlike some firms, we do not charge a percentage (%) of the total value of the estate on top of our hourly rate for our work. We can give you an estimate of those fees if you call us and give a few details about the estate.

If you require more help we can obviously assist in the whole administration and distribution of the estate including the sale of any property (including advice about estate agents – some local agents have special “probate” rates with us).

We can also guide you through the process of obtaining Letters of Administration where there is no Will.

If Inheritance Tax or Capital Gains Tax is an issue we can sometimes help in reducing the bill with some post death tax planning.


For further advice contact:

David Farr, Wills and Probate Partner


01708 757575

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