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{jumi [*5]} The development of global markets means that many of our clients carry on business in different jurisdictions. To respond to the need of our clients we are members of an international legal group known as LAWorld (www.laworld.com).

Our active membership of such an organisation enables us to provide added value to our clients by either assisting them directly with our member colleagues or referring them to a firm in the jurisdiction safe in the knowledge that they have similar levels of service to our own. In particular all members have a broadly based commercial, corporate and business practices with litigation capabilities. As with this firm they have a strong commitment to the use of the latest technology and have English speaking lawyers.

For a list of members and international legal updates please visit www.laworld.com.


Avniel Salomon & Co, Israel, www.asclaw.biz
Bader Natsch Gnehm, Switzerland, www.bng.ch
Bermúdez, Wiencke y Bermúdez, Abogados, S.C., Mexico, www.bwb.com.mx
Betts, Patterson & Mines, PS, USA, www.bpmlaw.com
Branche Masset & Associés, France, www.branchemasset.fr
Calin Daniela Law Firm, Romania, www.legalinformation.ro
Christa & Jackson, USA, www.christalaw.com
Christodoulos G Vassiliades & Co, Cyprus, www.vasslaw.com
Connolly Sellors Geraghty, Ireland, www.csg.ie
Cores y García Pedrerol – Abogados, Spain, www.cores-abogados.com
Devine Goodman Rasco & Wells, P.A, USA, www.devinegoodman.com
Fermandois, Evans & Cia, Chile, www.fermandois.cl
Gates and Partners, United Kingdom, www.gatesandpartners.com
Gipson Hoffman & Pancione, USA, www.ghplaw.com
Guangdong Huafa Law Firm, China, www.gdhuafa.cn
Jiangsu Zhuhui Law Firm, China, www.zhuhuilaw.com
Kahale Abogados, Argentina, www.kahaleabogados.com
Kenneth Elliott & Rowe, United Kingdom, www.ker.co.uk
Kundra & Bansal, India, www.kundrabansal.com
LegaLife, Russia, www.legalife.ru
Leitão de Sousa, Portugal, www.leitaodesousa.eu
Lungerich Lenz & Schuhmacher, Germany, www.lls-law.de
Makinson & d´Apice, Australia, www.makdap.com.au
Malo & Partners, Albania, www.mnplegal.com
Marquez, Gonzalez, Octavio & Vidal, Venezuela, www.mgo.com.ve
Mohamed Ridza & Co, Malaysia, www.ridzalaw.com.my
Nexsen Pruet, LLC, USA, www.nexsenpruet.com
Ng & Shum, China, www.ngnshum.com
Phillips Nizer LLP, USA, www.phillipsnizer.com
Schoenberg Finkel Newman & Rosenberg LLC, USA, www.sfnr.com
Studio Corno Avvocati, Italy, www.studiocorno.it
Suárez de la Dehesa Abogados, Spain, www.suarezdeladehesa.com
Van der Steenhoven Advocaten NV, Netherlands, www.vandersteenhoven.nl
Waldmann Faesch & Partner, SWITZERLAND, www.lawyers.ch
Yeo-Leong & Peh LLC, Singapore, www.ylp.com.sg

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