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These are “interesting” times for the UK businessman. The tax and interest rate policies of the UK have until recently enabled business to consider new and longer term investment opportunities, both locally and abroad.

Now there is a rather more challenging environment at UK plc and many growth minded enterprises are looking to overseas activities to maintain adequate return on capital and indeed to protect market share.

We have responded to this wider challenge by forming an international legal group, LAWorld (www.laworld.com) with members in the world’s major commercial and trading centres and by doing so are able to provide access to advice in most of the locations that our business clients will require.


For the local client we endeavour to approach their requirements pragmatically and with a view to obtaining a result which involves as little formal legal attention as possible, but nevertheless being on hand and available to the business client when advice, information and due diligence become necessary as part of the negotiation process. We have the capacity to think outside the box when necessary.

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