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Fixed Fee Divorce

Fixed Fee Divorce

We understand that divorce can be a stressful time, both emotionally and financially.  In order to assist you in budgeting for a divorce, we are pleased to offer a Fixed Fee Divorce service.


In the case of an undefended divorce (where the marriage has ended and both parties cooperate with a divorce), we offer the following fixed fee package for:

Petitioner (ie you start  the divorce and we prepare the divorce petition for you)

Our fees: £595.00

VAT at 20%: £119.00

Court fee on filing Petition: £340.00

Court fee upon applying

for Decree Absolute: £45.00

Total £1,099.00


Respondent (ie we receive the divorce forms on your behalf)

Our fees £450.00

VAT at 20% £90.00

Total £540.00


Payment Schedule

This fixed fee divorce package is designed to cover straightforward divorces where there are no unforeseen problems.  It provides a cost effective solution to the divorce procedure keeping the emotional and financial strain a divorce can cause to a minimum.

The fees are payable in two instalments.

For Petitioners:

a. On instructing us £600

b. On issue of Divorce Petition £499


For Respondents:

a. On instructing us £400

b. On receipt of Acknowledgement of Service £140

Civil Partnership Dissolution

The fixed fee package also covers the dissolution of civil partnerships.



Is the other party liable to pay my costs?

Unless you have agreed this with your spouse, you can ask in the Divorce Petition for an Order that your spouse pays some or all of your divorce costs.

If the Court makes such an order, then included in the Fixed Fee Divorce we will write an initial letter to your spouse to recover those fees.

However, the Fixed Fee Divorce does not include any costs of enforcing the costs Order against your spouse.  This is a separate charge.

What work is covered? *

Free 10 minute initial telephone consultation if required

Half hour fixed fee initial consultation (if an hour is required then we are happy to provide this for an additional fee of £40)

Advising and assisting you throughout the proceedings *

Preparing all documentation *

Corresponding with the court and other party/their solicitor

For full details please download the document  “Work covered in a Fixed Fee Divorce for Petitioner or Respondent”  below

What work is not covered?

Where the proceedings are defended

Amending the papers after they have been issued to the Court

Cost of obtaining a replacement marriage certificate if you do not have the original (currently £7.50)

Translations of foreign marriage certificates.

Tracing your spouse

Whether either party is a non-resident of the UK or resides abroad

If you swear an affidavit before a solicitor, rather than before an Officer of the Court, which is free, you will be charged between £7 – £9

Where the other party does not cooperate by not returning the acknowledgement of service form to the court and the assistance of a court bailiff/enquiry agent/private detective is required to serve them with the documents or to apply to the Court for an order that the divorce papers are deemed to have been served.

Attendance at court (very rare)

Representing you in connection with disputes about costs or enforcing costs orders

Work for withdrawal of proceedings at any stage (If you change your mind and decide not to go ahead with the divorce, we would charge you for all work and disbursements (usually court fees) incurred until that point in time on a time recorded basis by applying our hourly charging rate (please see Client Care letter which will be sent to you at the start of the matter).

Any changes in the court fees or the rate of vat

Financial issues

Children issues

Issues regarding domestic violence

Any issues not set out in the document “Work covered in a Fixed Fee Divorce for Petitioner or Respondent”

Should the matter become more complex eg your spouse defends the Petition or cross petitions the rate will revert to our hourly rate

We can assist you with all these areas for an additional fee.  If additional work is required or the matter becomes more complex we will increase our fees in line with the additional work needed and we will advise you of the increase in costs

What do I do next?

Email us at cheryl.low@ker.co.uk or telephone us on 01708 707 850 to arrange an appointment or to discuss matters further.




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