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CICA Claims – The Benefits of Representation

Criminal Injury Compensation Act (CICA) claims can be made by individuals without the need for a solicitor or other formal legal representation. In such cases you keep all of the award – so why instruct a solicitor?

Anyone can of course obtain the basic information for a claim e.g. from the police, witnesses and your GP but it is often important to present this in the correct way to the CICA.


In our experience the CICA often overlooks important and relevant information which may be in the medical records or in the police or witness evidence. In some cases the CICA has either rejected a claim entirely or severely undervalued the settlement because their caseworker missed vital information or failed to act upon instruction relating to the inclusion of such evidence.

If the CICA makes a decision based upon incomplete evidence then there are steps that can be taken to appeal the decision but how many people would have the time, inclination, patience or wherewithal to begin an appeals process?

An example of such a case where we are currently instructed is a client who sustained very severe injuries when assaulted in a Romford night club. His family helped him to complete the CICA forms. The CICA’s initial decision on eligibility, which was re-confirmed when the family asked for a review, was that no award should be made as there was no evidence that the client had been the victim of a crime of violence. We were then approached by the family and agreed to take the case on.

After lodging the required appeal forms one of the first steps we took was to instruct an expert in Forensic Medicine. The expert prepared a report in which he came to the firm conclusion that the severe head injuries could not have been sustained accidentally and must have occurred as a result of an act of violence. We successfully persuaded the Appeals Panel that our client was eligible for an award of compensation.

Currently we are negotiating on the value of the case and we have advised the client that he has a realistic expectation of receiving the maximum possible CICA compensation, amounting to £500,000.00. If we had not become involved the client would have received nothing.

With our representation we believe the value of your criminal injury claim could be significantly increased because of our experience and knowledge. We charge a win fee on the successful completion of settling a criminal injury claim but we do not charge if the claim fails.

We are also experienced in European Criminal Injury Compensation Claims. So if you are a victim of an act of violence in Romford, Spain, France, Greece or otherwise! We can assist.


If you need any further information call me, Adam Carr for a initial consultation on 01708 757575 or email adam.carr@ker.co.uk and I will call you back.


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