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Wiseman Lee Closed Down- Help for Former Clients

Local law, firm, Wiseman Lee is closing according to the solicitors regulator (the SRA), following a problem with its parent law firm Axiom Ince Ltd. Axiom Ince Limited was closed by the SRA to protect the public. Learn more about the regulatory record below. Clients of Wiseman Lee have been advised  to seek new lawyers to act for them in any ongoing, or future matter as the firm will not be reopening its doors. https://www.sra.org.uk/sra/news/axiom-ince-intervention-information/

Statements in Court by the troubled firm Axiom Ince has admitted that ‘at least’ £57million was missing from the Client Account and potentially a further £7m was missing, indicating that the parent firm has lost some £64 million of client money (Note: a ‘Client Account’ is the bank account held by solicitors where client funds are stored pending their use by the client for example in the purchase of a property or pending distribution of an estate in Probate. In normal circumstances this money would not be paid out without the express consent of individual clients and certainly none of the money should be used by the solicitors for their own or their firms use). Allegations made by the Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) have indicated that some of this money may have been used to purchased property and law firms now associated with the Axiom Ince brand which is clearly in breach of the Solicitors Account Rules.

Wiseman Lee was acquired by Axiom Ince in around March 2023.  The original purchase was hailed as a potential success for the firm however, unfortunately this is not turned out to be correct. Axiom Ince also acquired former firms Ince and Co, Axion DWFM and Plexus Legal LLP.

The SRA have appointed Gordons LLP to take over the files from the Wanstead office of Axion Ince (formerly Wiseman Lee) (contact details are 0113 227 0394 email: axiom@gordonsllp.com) although it is unlikely they will be able to handle the work and clients may be best advised to instruct alternative lawyers.

Wiseman Lee has been established in and around East London for 70 years and has developed a large local client base. As we are based in Romford we can assist in acting on any existing and new matters including:

  • any residential sales or purchases;
  • commercial leases;
  • commercial purchases and sales;
  • probates and wills;
  • litigation and dispute matters  (not limited to possession action, debt recovery, and more complex claims).

As an established East London firm with specialist knowledge of both the area and these areas of law we can move the matter forward hopefully in a seamless manner. We can also assist with the transfer of your files from the intervention solicitors.

We are happy to talk to any former clients of Wiseman Lee to assist in continuing with existing matters or progressing new matters for them.

Call Mark Sadler for non litigious matters such as property transactions/sales/purchases or Adem Esen for litigation/dispute matters on 01708 757575 or email Mark mbs@ker.co.uk or Adem adem.esen@ker.co.uk

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