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Watch out for scam when selling your home

A serial conman Keith Fryer aka Mr D Fisher or National Locations www.nationallocations.co.uk appears to be operating again.

Fryer seems to have resurfaced in Herefordshire and Essex, this time calling himself Derek Fryer or Mr D Fisher of National Locations or National Locations Property Relocators, PO Box 462, Manchester, M45 0DU. The phone number given is 01204 794370 and the fax is 01204 704380.

Fryer’s modus operandi is to put in an offer for a property via an estate agent and then write to the seller directly for a ‘processing’ fee of £395 to initiate legal enquiries and obtain a survey. The fee is stated to be refundable in certain circumstances for example if they do not exchange within 8 weeks however the OFT in previous matters said that Fryer had provided no evidence of a sale proceeding to completion. The fee was however never refunded. See attached example letter.

Fryer has previously traded as Capital Funding Equity Options and possibly as Equity Relocations. Four years ago the OFT pursued him to to the High Court where he had to promise that he will not make misleading representations to home sellers, Fryer appears to be operating again using the same scam.



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