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Land Registry ID1 – Identity Checks

What is the cost of completing an ID 1 Form? Looking for a solicitor who deals with Land Registry ID1 forms? We can help.

The open nature of the electronic deeds system introduced by the Land Registry some years ago means that ‘paper’ deeds were scrapped overnight for registered land. Before that time you needed the original Land or Charge Certificate to prove ownership but now anyone can lodge an application to change the names on the title with a simple form. This lead to abuse of the system by fraudsters. Significant tightening up followed and now if a person is not represented by a solicitor or licenced conveyancer in relation to the transfer or mortgage of land the Land Registry requires that person’s identity must be checked to help prevent property fraud.

The amount or value of the land does not affect this approach unless you can provide evidence e.g. a formal valuation that the underlying value of the land or transaction is less than £5,000. This means that in most cases it is simplier to provide the ID form in any event. Remember this figure is not just the amount that is paid but the value of the parcel of land being transferred.

Identification checks are often required where a transfer of equity is being carried out  i.e. when co-habiting persons split up or in relation to a divorce settlement. The party coming off the deeds often does not want to have the expense of formal legal advice.

The Land Registry requires the person who is not represented to provide a completed Form ID1.  Section A is completed by the individual and Section B by a solicitor who is required to meet you and view your original identification and certify a passport sized photograph.   Once the transaction has completed the Land Registry may contact the solicitor to make sure that they have in fact identified the person named.

Sometimes it is difficult to find a solicitor who will complete the necessary Land Registry forms as these requirements are not taken lightly.

kenneth elliott + rowe solicitors provide a fixed cost identification service for ID1 forms. Our fee is £100 plus VAT per person.

Please note that our instructions only relate to the completion of the form and identifying you for the Land Registry.  We will not provide advice in relation to the transaction itself and will not witness the signing of any documents.

Our firm is based in Romford Essex (near to Romford mainline station).

If you wish to make an appointment please call Fred Rylah 01708 757575 or email fred.rylah@ker.co.uk

Update 19 November 2012


The Land Registry increased the level of the low value exception from £5,000 to £6,000 on 19 November 2012. The Land Registry has updated Practice Guide 67 – Evidence of identity – conveyancers and the notes on Form ID1 – Evidence of identity for a private individual and Form ID2 – Evidence of identity for a corporate body to reflect this change.


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