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Sacked for being a single mum

Single mother Alison Weekes is demanding £70,000 in compensation from Lloyds after she was allegedly told that having a child meant she could not be ‘truly committed’ to her job. 

As well as being told that ‘there is no such thing as work-life balance, Miss Weekes was also told that her childcare commitments meant she was ‘unable to put in the hours’. 
The 39-year-old is claiming for lost earnings and injury to feelings after complaining of sex and race discrimination and victimisation. 
Lloyds TSB has denied all Miss Weekes’s allegations and insists that she was dismissed on the basis of poor performance at the culmination of her probationary period. The bank also insists that she has taken remarks made to her by her boss ‘out of context’. 
The case is due to be heard next year.
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