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Results from recent claims*

Road Traffic Accidents

 RTA £3,660,000
 RTA £175,000
 Pedetrian hit by car crossing road  £25,000
 Passenger in RTA £42,500
 RTA caused by defective tyre £130,000
 RTA caused by burst tyre  £35,000
 RTA when m/cylce hit unlit crane outrigger(fatal) £8,000
 RTA (when original solicitors recovered nothing, we sued them) £600,000
 Parent who saw her son hit by car (fatal) £25,000
  Slip and Trip Claims

 Accident in Romford Market £60,000
 Accident at amusement park£188,000
 Accident at school £6,500
 Defective pavement £25,000
 Slip in M+S  £11,500
 Slip on wet floor in McDonalds  £3,500
 Slip in Morrisons £13,000

 Accidents at Work

 Scaffold collapse £100,000
 Accident at work  £195,000

 Miscellaneous  Claims

 Medical Negligence £925,000
 Lack of Care in nursing home £5,000
 Solicitors Negligence (original solicitors recovered nothing for RTA)
* this list relates to a selection of recent claims from just one of our

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