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Registering a Death

You normally need to register a person’s death within five days, and when someone you love has died this can seem like a daunting task.

We can help – at kenneth elliott + rowe solicitors – we provide free advice and assistance for the bereaved. We can guide you through this process personally or you can download our guides below.

Call now for a free initial consultation on 01708 757575 and ask for Keith Darvill or David Farr.


Registering a Death

We can help you by letting you know who can register the death, what information is required and what documents you will need to take. This does vary according to the circumstances and place of the death so call us for further information or use our guide below. If you are in Romford or Havering you may be interested in the following page: Registering a Death in Havering

Funeral Arrangements

We can assist you with advice on who to contact locally to make these arrangements.

Wills and Probate

If there is a Will:

The executor can contact us (if this isn’t you) to see if we can assist in the process of obtaining Probate. We offer fixed fee costs and we take the worry out of organising the deceased affairs and ensure that the funds are distributed in accordance with their wishes.

If there is no Will:

When someone dies without leaving a Will, dealing with their estate can be complicated. It can also take a long time – months or even years in some very complex cases.

Don’t worry though – we can guide you through the process of obtaining ‘letters of administration’ and explain how assets are distributed in such circumstances. Again there is a cost but we can discuss this at the time. You will need to show us all the information and documentation you have about the deceased person’s property, belongings and financial affairs. In the meantime, it may be a good idea to put small valuable items away for safekeeping.

Making a new Will

Don’t forget surviving relatives and friends of the deceased may need to make a new will. It’s important to ask us about this.

Other things that need to be done

We have produced a checklist “What to do when somebody dies” which you can download below.


For further advice and assistance for the bereaved call now for a free initial consultation on 01708 757575 and ask for Keith Darvill or David Farr or email david.farr@ker.co.uk or keith.darvill@ker.co.uk


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