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Questions and Answers

1. Do I have a claim?

If someone else caused your accident then you have a claim. Generally the injury must have been sustained in the last three years but if you were under 18 at the time of the accident different rules will apply. Call us for further assistance.

2. How do I make a claim?

kenneth elliott + rowe will do it for you.  All you need to do is provide us with your details and we do the rest. All cases can be undertaken on a No Win, No Fee basis.

3. What is my case worth?

This will depend entirely on the medical evidence that we will obtain – (generally the more severe the injury the greater the claim) and your calculation of financial loss (for example loss of days off work, damage to your vehicle or clothing).

It is very difficult to state an accurate figure because even with the same type of accident and injury two different people may receive settlements varying by many thousands of pounds.

In any event if you telephone us about your potential claim we can give you a very broad idea of what your case is worth.

4. What will it cost me?

We can deal with your case on a No Win No Fee basis unless you already have insurance cover for legal costs which may be better for you.

If you win your case we will normally be able to recover our fees from the other party and therefore our costs to you will be an absolute minimum subject to our professional rules. If you lose your claim we will waive any fees under the “no win no fee” arrangement.

5. I have heard about NO-Win No Fee on Watchdog – will I lose all my claim in legal fees?

No. These stories abound when so called Claims Management companies sign up accident victims. They are unnecessary “middlemen” and they take their cut from what you win. Even if you have been approached on this basis it may not be too late to instruct your own solicitors directly. Call us for advice and you may be able to avoid them.

6. Who will handle my case?

Unlike some organisations and other legal firms we use qualified solicitors to handle all personal injury claims. We do not use unqualified ‘claims handlers’. All our solicitors in the Personal Injury+ department are specialist personal injury lawyers and members of APIL (Association of Personal Injury Lawyers) so you can rest assured that if you chose to instruct us your claim will be handled by a suitably qualified lawyer.

7. Are you any good?

Our clients seem to think so – see this page for comments from our clients and details of recent compensation awards. We recover several million pounds of compensation for clients every year.

8. Why kenneth elliott + rowe?

We are ‘professional and honest with a proven track record of results’. We make the whole claim process easy and with a no win no fee guarantee.We will do our best to take away the worry and stress away.

Note: These FAQs are brief and there is no substitute to having a no obligation discussion with us about your personal circumstances.

For further assistance call Neville Filar now on 01708 707811

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