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EU Criminal Injuries Compensation claims

We have been contacted by a gentleman who was seriously assaulted whilst waiting to catch a flight at an airport in Poland.

As our client was assaulted in a member state of the European Union he will be entitled to pursue an application for compensation with the Polish equivalent of the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority.

On behalf of our client we have contacted EUCAT (European Union Compensation Assistance Team). This is a specialist department based within the CICA in Glasgow.

We will assist our client to obtain information about the system of compensation in Poland including how to complete the appropriate application form and to whom this should be submitted. We will also provide help to our client with regard to any supporting documents that might need to be supplied to the authorities in Poland.

If you have been injured abroad, because of a criminal action or otherwise, we can help. Contact Adam Carr at first instance on 01708 757575 or email: adam.carr@ker.co.uk

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