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Employer Annual Return Deadline Draws Near

Have you remembered to file your Employer Annual Return?  The deadline for submission is less than one month away and employers across the UK are being urged to start the process now!

Earlier this year, reforms of the system came into effect, meaning Employer Annual Returns – a P14 for each employee and a P35 summary sheet – sent to HMRC after the 19 May filing deadline will almost certainly result in a late-filing penalty.

Previously, an extra-statutory concession gave employers extra time before HMRC charged a penalty, but this has now been withdrawn. Under the changes, employers will also be liable to a penalty if they file their annual return on paper, although there are limited exceptions – such as certain individuals who employ their own carer.

Smaller employers, or their agents or bureaux, can file their Return securely online using HMRC’s ‘Online Return and Forms – PAYE’ product, while larger employers can purchase a range of commercial software.

According to the HMRC, Employers with fewer than 10 employees can use the organisation’s Basic PAYE Tools (formerly Employer CD-ROM) to file their Employer Annual Return online.

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