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Conveyancing Quote for Brentwood Essex

Moving home? First time buyer? Selling a probate property? Downsizing? Whatever your circumstances we can help if you need an instant on line conveyancing quote in Brentwood. You can now obtain a written quotation instantly and instruct us on line 24/7.

By using our  quote page Instant Conveyancing Quote you can confirm the fees and disbursements including stamp duty applicable to your new sale or purchase in Brentwood. There is no need to login or provide personal details so you can use this as an accurate guide to the costs of moving. If you are trying to compare quotes – especially those recommended by financial advisers and estate agents this is a great way to weigh up your options.

You will often find that even though we are a firm of solicitors our quotes provide better value than a quote from your estate agents recommended “property lawyer” (which often refer to the fact the lawyer is a licenced conveyancer not a solicitor). For example in the past we have found that Countrywide Property Lawyers in particular have quoted 50% more than our fees.

Be assured we provide a specialised service for conveyancing matters – on all types of matters – sales, purchases, freehold and leasehold property. We specialise in dealing with matters in Brentwood including Shenfield Hutton Including Hutton Mount Ingrave Herongate Pilgrims Hatch Ingatestone and surrounding areas but we can cover any sale or purchase transaction in England and Wales.

Local Knowledge

We have a long history in the Essex.  The firm has been based in both Romford and Hornchurch throughout our history and many of the lawyers working at KER either live or have lived in Brentwood. This local knowledge helps us deal with matters quickly and avoid issues which lawyers out of the are would be bogged down with. This helps us turn your transaction around more quickly.

Comparing Conveyancing Quotes

If you’ve had a look on-line already, you’ll know there are firms offering conveyancing at a wide range of prices. Please remember:

Some firms provide very low initial quotes – but read the small print – they then charge for many items we would consider to be a usual part of the conveyancing process such as providing undertakings and obtaining indemnity insurance.
Some firms leave third party costs out of their initial quote e.g. searches and then boost their profits by marking these up.
Some conveyancers try to make more money by juggling a high volume of cases at once. A heavy case-load means that your sale or purchase may be relegated to back of the queue.
Some firms restrict access to the lawyer by using telephone call centres or unqualified case handlers who run your file.
The firms are likely to be some distance from your area meaning possible postal delays resulting in delays to your transaction.
You will not have personal access to your lawyer or be able to meet face-to-face.
Remember to check the independent on-line reviews on firms who apparently offer cheap services.
At kenneth elliott + rowe we do things differently.

A solicitor you can trust – with you every step of the way

Our lawyers will be dedicated to your case and help you all the way. We are a Legal 500 Tier Firm and part of the Law Society’s Conveyancing Quality Scheme.

Modern or traditional service – you can have both

We are a modern firm – all our lawyers have direct line and direct emails – this is the preferred means of communication for many of our clients but if you are local we are happy to meet and discuss your needs in a more traditional way – face to face – helping you through the forms and signing of papers. We also have free parking on the front of our building.

We use all the current technology available to conveyancers today – Land Registry Portal, on line searches, case management and on line indemnity insurance to speed your transaction through.

Quote Promise

At kenneth elliott + rowe we believe our fixed price quote delivers excellent value for money. The quote is subject to our Terms and Conditions but there are No Hidden Extras.

Our guide to Unknown Costs and Limitations will give you an idea on what other possible costs or expenses to budget for.

What happens to the cost if things don’t go to plan?

Remember if the process drags on, kenneth elliott + rowe will not hit you with additional charges. Our price is fixed.

Terms and Conditions

We would not be lawyers if we did not have terms and conditions but we have tried to make them straightforward and easy to understand but if you are unsure of anything contact us.

General Conditions

All our quotes are based upon standard residential transactions. They exclude therefore properties that will be sold with a tenant in situ, shared ownership and commercial properties.

Whilst we accept the majority of instructions we always reserve the right to refuse instructions at our discretion. All other offers, discounts or special terms are excluded from our on line quotes.


Our online quote includes :

Bank transfer fees – these are charged at £30.00 plus VAT each and they will be required for the discharge of each mortgage on the property if you are selling and one transfer will be required on completion of the purchase. This charge covers both our time spent setting up and effecting the transfer which is £15.00 plus VAT and the remainder of the fee is to covers the bank’s charges which is also currently £15.00.
Stamp Duty Land Tax – The rates quoted are current however they can change annually with the Budget.
Search Fee – the fee quoted is an estimate of the local search in Brentwood. The actual cost may vary up or down if outside this area.

No Hidden Extras

Unlike some conveyancers our quote includes all the following costs and expenses:

Included emails, postage, letters in or out, faxing, scanning, photocopying or text updates.
Included indemnity insurance contributions. We have cover for £10,000,000 (£8,000,000 above the minimum cover provided by most solicitors)
Included storage costs of your file or deeds for free following completion
Included discharge of your first mortgage on your sale
Included expedition fee – we do not charge if a short period (less than two weeks) is required between exchange and completion.
We do not impose additional fees or charges without your consent. If we believe that a matter falls outside the scope of our initial instructions (for example if upon receipt of draft documents we discover the matter is not standard) we will inform you of the difficulty and any additional charge. If this cannot be agreed with you we will stop acting.

Unknown Costs and Limitations

Naturally some limitations apply to our fixed fee service and some transactions may attract additional fees, disbursements or third party charges and the main examples of these are given below. We can assure you that where third party charges are made we will pass the cost on as charged without any mark-up. Below are the most common examples of things that can increase the cost of moving:

Extra items charged by third parties

Additional title documents from Land Registry – if we need to obtain additional documents from the Land Registry they will charge according to their current scale fee – these fees vary according to the type of document from £3 per document.
Missing Planning or Building Regulations Documents– if you do not have all the planning or building regulations history for your property we may need to obtain copies from the local authority for which they make a copying charge. This is normally only £10-20.
Leasehold Property – If you are purchasing or selling a leasehold property you may have to pay in addition to the above various administration charges to the Landlord or Managing Agents for the production of the “leasehold information pack” detailing the service & management charges, ground rent and the structure and requirements of the landlord/management company regarding the sale of the property. There is no way that we can exactly determine or control this charge (budget for £200 – 400).
New Build – If you are purchasing your property from a builder you may also have to pay a contribution to their solicitor’s costs for supplying the documentation. This normally in the region of £100 plus VAT.
Additional Searches – On rare occasions (if the property is in a rural location or the geography of the area dictates) other specific searches may be required – for example coal or tin mining, clay ball searches. We also offer additional searches which may be carried out at your discretion for example drainage, environmental, flood and planning searches.
Extra items charged by us

Second Mortgages – If we are required to act in relation to a second mortgage on your purchase or to discharge additional loans or mortgages on a sale (the discharge of your first mortgage is included in our charge) there is a minimum fee of £100 plus VAT per additional mortgage. Similar charges will apply to the removal of cautions and or restrictions.

Trust Deeds – if you require a trust deed to be drawn up because for example you wish to hold the property in unequal shares, the costs for this starts at £195 plus VAT but this includes storage of the original documents.
Money – What to pay and when?

You will normally pay the legal costs and the rest of the payments when your purchase/sale is completed.

When you instruct us on a purchase, we will collect a small payment usually £250 to cover immediate costs such as searches.

When you instruct us on a sale we will not usually require any payment on account unless you are selling a leasehold property where we need to obtain the “leasehold information pack”

All payments on account will be deducted from your total bill.

We will also send you statements as the matter progresses so you can keep track of the financial side.

Want more information?

You can download our practical guide to moving home below. This gives you an indication of the steps we take once we become involved in your move.

If you need a quote go online for a quote or call us 01708 757575 and ask for Mark Sadler, Fred Rylah or David Farr or email mbs@ker.co.uk for a specific quote


What is Brentwood Conveyancing?
Conveyancing is the process where land or property (a freehold house or leasehold flat) is transferred from one party to another by way of a legal conveyance. Brentwood conveyancing is merely conveyancing in Brentwood. Property transactions in England & Wales are usually carried out by solicitors who members of the Law Society but whom are regulated by the Solicitors Regulations Authority (SRA) or Licensed Conveyancers who are governed by the Council for Licensed Conveyancers. Both are authorised to undertake legal conveyancing for a fee.
Brentwood Conveyancing Process
The conveyancing process can be complex and stressful and it makes sense to use a specialist qualified property solicitor to take care of your transaction. If you have a mortgage on the property all mortgage lenders will insist that you use a qualified mortgage solicitor who is on their approved panel. We are on the panels of all major mortgage lenders including HSBC and offer a cheap conveyancing fee online. For a more detailed explanation of how the legal process works check out our Conveyancing Guide.

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