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Compensation for roofer over gas canister explosion

A 65-year-old man has been awarded £6,000 in personal injury compensation after a fireball from a falter gas canister engulfed him in flames.

Ex-roofer and Northampton resident Victor Barrell was helping to repair his daughter in-law’s stable roof when the faulty canister ignited, causing a huge fireball and forcing the retired grandfather to jump twelve feet from the stable roof.

According to the North Devon Journal, the fireball was extinguished by Mr Barrel’s brother in law, using a hose pipe, who described the accident as one of the “most horrific” he had seen.

The incident left Mr Barrell needing treated at Bristol Frenchay Hospital’s specialised burns unit, and as a result, he suffered permanent scarring to one arm and his skin is still sensitive to direct sun light.

After taking legal advice Mr Barrell launched a compensation claim against the shop that hired him the faulty equipment, and was awarded £6,000 in damages for his injuries.


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