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Children the real cost of divorce

The ‘vindictive methods’ of divorcing couples are severely affecting the children left behind, new research has suggested.

To mark the Children Act’s 20th anniversary, 2,000 divorcees were asked to discuss the use of children in divorce proceedings and the subsequent impact such actions have had. 

The survey found that one in three children lose contact with their father following divorce and almost a quarter claim their child turned to self harm or thoughts of suicide due to parents using them as ‘pawns’ in divorce proceedings.
49% of divorcees claim they had deliberately drawn out court proceedings in order to gain a more desired share of their partner’s estate, while 68% admitted using their children as “bargaining tools” when separated.
Additionally: “A staggering 20% of separated parents admitted that they had actively set out to make their partner’s experience ‘as unpleasant as possible’ regardless of the effect this had on their children’s feelings,” said the report.
But the government has refuted the 20-year scope of the survey, claiming that modern practices such as mediation were disregarded.
“This survey simply doesn’t reflect what support is available for families now,” England’s Children’s Minister, Delyth Morgan, told the BBC. “Mediation and support can be far better for children than going through the court system because it tackles the root cause of disputes.”
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