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61% do not have a Will

Research recently published reveals some shocking statistics about Wills. It found that:

  • over six in ten people do not have a Will;
  • another one in ten does have a Will but has not told anyone where it is kept, and
  • one in eight has not reviewed their Will for more than ten years.

Children would be most affected as more than two-thirds of parents with children under the age of five have not made a Will and, of those that have, 46 per cent had not reviewed it in the past five years.

Nearly half of those aged between 55 and 64 have not made a will, with 22 per cent admitting that they had never thought about making one. The poll also found that more than one in eight were relying on self-written Wills.

The survey also indicated that nearly a quarter of people have never even thought about making their Will and about the same amount thought they were too poor to have a Will.

But when it comes to making a Will, eight out of ten people said they would prefer a face to face meeting with an adviser and only 4% of people trusted guidance obtained from online forums

David Farr from kenneth elliott + rowe solicitors comments: “Clearly it is a good idea to get professional advice and make a Will. But it is just as important to keep it up to date – there are a fair number of people out there who have actually made a Will but it is subsequently revoked, partially or wholly, by marriage or divorce.”


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